‘Tides’ Charity Event Gets Site Re-haul

by emily sevin photography

In early 2018, six feminist comrades of different disciplines and I founded an art collective and began hosting femme-fronted artist showcases at the historic queer landmark El Rio. A dozen shows full of dancing, art, and celebration later, and we still don’t have a website that reflects the amazing work we’ve been doing. Thankfully, Alexis Bustos, multi-disciplined designer and dope-ass keyboardist, was willing to revamp our sad sight -and live. Alexis will be on Adobe Live on November 13, 12:00 PM redesigning our page.  Check it as she showcases our hard work here:

Adobe Live with Behance

Screenshot 2019-11-06 21.47.26

Alexis Bustos can be found here: alexisbustos.design/