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‘Tides’ Charity Event Gets Site Re-haul

In early 2018, six feminist comrades of different disciplines and I founded an art collective and began hosting femme-fronted artist showcases at the historic queer landmark El Rio. A dozen shows full of dancing, art, and celebration later, and we still don’t have a website that reflects the amazing work we’ve been doing. Thankfully, Alexis Bustos, multi-disciplined designer and dope-ass keyboardist, was willing to revamp our sad sight -and live. Alexis will be on Adobe¬†Live on November 13, 12:00 PM redesigning our page.¬† Check it as she showcases our hard work here:

Adobe Live with Behance

Screenshot 2019-11-06 21.47.26

Alexis Bustos can be found here: alexisbustos.design/

Road Trippin with Doggo

As seen in previous post, I took and RV from the hometown in Nashville to a friend’s wedding in Missouri. My doggo Gunner accompanied. I felt so rugged in that monstrosity. We killed the road trip.

Emily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin Photo

Meg Girard Metalsmith

@Emily Sevin Photo_Meg Girard Prelim_88@Emily Sevin Photo_Meg Girard Prelim_19@Emily Sevin Photo_Meg Girard Prelim_217 @Emily Sevin Photo_Meg Girard Prelim_104


new website is live.

i like to announce things at 9PM on a wednesday so only a elite few know about it.


i recommend ‘full screen’

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.17.33 PM

it’s right here at the bottom

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 9.13.07 PM

by this dude’s crotch

High Sierra Music Fest Polaroids

High Sierra Polaroids 6 High Sierra Poloraids8 High Sierra Poloraids9 High Sierra Poloraids11 High Sierra Poloraids12 High Sierra Poloraids14 High Sierra Poloraids15 High Sierra Poloraids16 High Sierra Poloraids18 High Sierra Poloraids19 High Sierra Poloraids21 High Sierra Poloraids22 High Sierra Poloraids23

High Sierra Polaroids 5

Laura Bergman from The Family Crest at Bazaar Cafe

Coffee with Laura Bergman from The Family Crest at Bazaar Cafe today to talk about boys, hats, iconic photography, being a lady in the music industry and her show at Great American Music Hall with Mr. Kind and Branches.laura 1

get tickets here: http://tickets.gamh.com/evinfo.php?eventid=368994

Bottle Rock Film Portraits

Film Mid Summer 1 bottle rock dipFilm Mid Summer 5

Nashville Diaries – Additional Portraits


Nashville Diaries – Anna and baby Lily







Gilbert Wedding Film Images

4161001941610020dip 2

dip 3dip 1 - 2 trip 1