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Monophonics: The Extended Set

Monophonics band announce album release & tour using image by Emily Sevin! From EARMILK publication.


Link to the article by Evan Crandell on EARMILK here!

“Vintage soul powerhouse group Monophonics has returned with a lush new single, the release date of their forthcoming album It’s Only Us, and the announcement of new stops on an upcoming tour. With the LP slated for March 13 on Colemine Records, the new title track follows “Chances” from last year in offering a glimpse into the Bay area crew’s unique musical direction as they touch on old-school sensibilities with a modern twist.

Couched in a bed of poignant harmonies, stylish horn lines, and powerful delivery that have come to define the Monophonics sound, “It’s Only Us” offers an uplifting message of love and peace that powerfully resonates in our current times. While the tune features a love story commensurate with soul music’s past, lead singer Kelly Finnigan describes the group’s unique spin approach to the track: “Inside the story is a message of unity, trust, and acceptance that goes beyond falling in love.” Stellar performances and effortlessly stylish production bring Monophonics’ hopeful theme to full bloom and mark another reason to be excited for the upcoming album.

It’s Only Us will be available March 13. The LP is available to pre-order here. Dates and tickets for Monophonics’ upcoming North American tour can be found here.

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Evan Crandell on Twitter: @evancrandell

‘Tides’ Charity Event Gets Site Re-haul

In early 2018, six feminist comrades of different disciplines and I founded an art collective and began hosting femme-fronted artist showcases at the historic queer landmark El Rio. A dozen shows full of dancing, art, and celebration later, and we still don’t have a website that reflects the amazing work we’ve been doing. Thankfully, Alexis Bustos, multi-disciplined designer and dope-ass keyboardist, was willing to revamp our sad sight -and live. Alexis will be on Adobe Live on November 13, 12:00 PM redesigning our page.  Check it as she showcases our hard work here:

Adobe Live with Behance

Screenshot 2019-11-06 21.47.26

Alexis Bustos can be found here: alexisbustos.design/

‘One Of Many’ wins Best Short Documentary!

One Of Many Best Short Doc Emily Sevin

I had an amazing time working as DP, camera op, and still photographer for this now award-winning film produced and directed by NY filmmaker M.J. Bernier.

More info here: www.oneofmanydoc.com

Monophonics tease new album using artwork by Emily Sevin

Earmilk Monophonics Emily Sevin

There’s a subtle art to creating music that sounds both vintage and current. The Bay Area group Monophonics are one of a handful of musical entities that successfully bridges the gap between soul music of decades past and the urgency of modern society. The band is preparing to release a new album in 2020 on Colemine Records called It’s Only Us and have offered a preview of the project with the single “Chances.”
Read more at https://earmilk.com/2019/10/25/monophonics-tease-new-album-with-rousing-single-chances/#TWE8RBAwcQ6mMABY.99

New Muse

Isn’t he lovely? Ted Desmarais everyone.


ted desmarais



ted desmarais


The Floral Shopping Cart

All I can say about this piece of work is that I am eternally grateful to the help I had in creating it. This team of ladies hand selected flowers and fashion, based solely on a notion I had of a Floral Shopping Cart. Thank you to Sarah Schoetz on floral design and Kaitlin Donovan for styling. Hearts and babies breath ladies.


That time on tour…

Emily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin PhotoEmily Sevin Photo

Elliott Peltzman of The Stone Foxes photographs Europe

Part of the Emily Sevin Photo Upcoming Photographer Foster Program.

I often joke that running a small business for an artist is like running a non-profit for individuals addicted to creating art. Basically, all the revenue made in selling my craft just covers enough to run the business another day. Sometimes when I’m balls deep in marketing and stamping my logo on yet another brown paper and string parcel aimed at the desperate attempt of getting another art buyer’s attention, I’m convinced I’m simply running a business to keep my arts n crafts habit alive.

Then I buy a kid a roll of film and send his ass of to Europe and he comes back with some gold and it all seems worth it.